Christmas Special 2022

NEW NEW Home and happiness !"# BAMBOO CHEESY !"#$%$&$!% Cheese set BAMBOO CHEESY: wooden board made of bamboo, cheese knife with stainless steel blade and bamboo handle, paper sleeve fixture for the knife | Packing: 20pcs. | Size: 24x 15x 1 cm | Material: Bamboo / Stainless Steel | Branding: l 5cm" L4+H4 (1) FESCO !"#$%$(()& Cheese set FESCO, 3pcs: consists of cheese knife, cheese slicer, and bamboo cutting board | Packing: 20/40pcs. | Size: 24,4x 15,2x 1,1 cm | Material: Bamboo / Stainless Steel | Branding: l 60x6mm L1+H4 (1) ORBITY !"#$%$&$!) Cheese knife set ORBITY: wooden board with integrated glass plate – 2knives and 1 fork with wooden handles underneath the cutting plate, magnetically attached | Packing: 10pcs. | Size: 20x20x2,5cm | Material: Bamboo / Stainless Steel / Glass | Branding: l 5cm" L4+H4 (1)