Christmas Special 2022

Joyful gifts !!" EMBELLISHMENT !"#$%$&''& Christmas tree decorations EMBELLISHMENT made of wood with Christmas designs (star, angel, tree, reindeer and heart) with loop to hang up, assorted with 5designs, packed in OPP bag with red background, price per piece | Packing: 120/1200pcs. | Size: 7,5x4,5x0,2cm | Material: Wood | Branding: t 20x 12mm K1+H2 (10) COLOURFUL HAT !"#$%$!$&! Felt Christmas hat COLOURFUL HAT: with design to colour in on the front, incl. 3 felt-tip pens in 3di" erent colours | Packing: 100/200pcs. | Size: 42x27cm | Material: Polyester / Plastic | Branding: u 80x50mm T1+H2 (10) XMAS LINE Christmas ornaments XMAS LINE, 6balls: 3balls per colour, with silver string hanger | Packing: 100/400pcs. | Size: Ø3,8x5cm | Material: PP | Branding: n 40x20mm E1+H2 (10) 56-0905021 blue / silver 56-0905022 gold / red