Christmas Special 2022

Outdoor, leisure & sports !"# COLD NIGHTS Mini ice scraper COLD NIGHTS: small and practical plastic ice scraper | Packing: 250/1000pcs. | Size: 8,8x5,9x0,5cm | Material: Plastic | Branding: t 45x20mm K1+H2 (4) 56-0407083 white 56-0407084 blue ARRIVAL "#$%&%'%(# Ice scraper ARRIVAL with built-in parking disc | Packing: 100/200pcs. | Size: 15,5x 12x0,6cm | Material: Plastic | Branding: t 60x30mm K1+H2 (4) SUPER GADGET "#$%)(%%*( Luggage compartment organiser bag SUPER GADGET: foldable, consists of 2bags that can be combined with touch fasteners, 1 bag with cover and carrying handles, 1 large bag with 3 flexible partition walls, carrying handles, 2slip-in pockets on the side, and mesh front pockets, reinforced base, 2belts and numerous clips, Velcro straps at the bottom for a secure hold in the car | Packing: 10pcs. | Size: approx. 78x31 x30,5/ 31 x30,5x 7,5cm | Material: 600D Polyester | Branding: u 80x80mm T1+H8 (10)