Christmas Special 2022

NEW NEW Outdoor, leisure & sports !"" COFFEE TO RIDE !"#$%$&'($ Bicycle cup holder COFFEE TO RIDE: cup holder with screwmount to attach to the handlebar or frame with a diameter of up to 2cm, suitable for conic bottles and cups (approx. Ø 7,3cm) | Packing: 50/100pcs. | Size: 12,8x8,8x4,8cm | Material: Aluminium | Branding: l 20x 15mm L1+H2 (1) RAINY DAYS !"#$*'++$' Rain protector for backpacks and school bag RAINY DAYS: water-repellent and windproof rain cover, with reflective stripes, 2elastic bands with Velcro for secure attachment, suitable for backpacks and school bags with a volume of approx. 20-30 litres | Packing: 100pcs. | Size: approx. 48x 15x53cm | Material: 210D Polyester / PU | Branding: u 80x80mm T1+H2 (10) Reflects