Christmas Special 2022

Outdoor, leisure & sports !"# BIG PLIERS Multifunctional tool BIG PLIERS: with foldable universal pliers, grips coated in aluminiumwith integrated stainless steel tools: saw, file, fish knife + measure (inch), can opener and bottle opener, knife blade, crosstip screwdriver, small and large screwdriver, in nylon pouch with Velcro closure and belt loop on the back side | Packing: 25/50pcs. | Size: 10x4,2x2cm | Material: Stainless Steel / Aluminium / Plastic / Nylon | Branding: l 30x5mm L1+H4 (1) 56-0381057 blue 56-0381056 silver 56-0381058 red DO IT YOURSELF "#$%&%'()& PW Work lamp DO IT YOURSELF: with 2brightness levels (work light, single light), on/o" switch, plastic casing with handle, two feet for stable stand, printing area on battery cover | Packing: 40/80pcs. | Size: 13,1 x 10x3,6cm | Material: Plastic | Battery: AA/LR6/AM3 | Branding: t 40x20mm K1+H4 (4) 2 light modes BASIC I "#$%&%')%) Measuring tape BASIC I with clip, carrying loop, and yellowmeasuring tape in cm, rubber-coated surface, automatic stopper, 3m | Packing: 20/120pcs. | Size: 6,4x6,1 x3,8cm | Material: Plastic / Steel | Branding: t 20x20mm K1+H2+V1 (4) 3 m