Christmas Special 2022

Outdoor, leisure & sports !"# HINGED !"#$%&'$'( WZ Multi-tool HINGED with 17application possibilities: spirit level, fold-out screwdriver with 12di" erent bits, LED light, measuring tape 1m, hammer, in gift box | Packing: 25/50pcs. | Size: 13,5x3x4,5cm | Material: Stainless Steel / Plastic | Branding: t 40x3mm K1+H2 (4) MASTERKIT !"#$%**$(% 42piece tool kit MASTERKIT in a red and black design, packed in a case | Packing: 5pcs. | Size: 33x25,5x 7cm | Material: Carbon Steel / Aluminium / Plastic | Branding: l 5cm# L4+H8 (1) MICRO W Bit-set MICRO with 8di" erent kinds of bits, bits are located on the inside with an unscrewable lid, magnetic tip to hold the bits, packed in gift box | Packing: 50/200pcs. | Size: Ø1,4x 10,7cm | Material: Metal / Aluminium | Branding: l 35x8mm L1+H2 (1) Magnetic 56-0399017 blue 56-0399019 red 56-0399018 black