Christmas Special 2022

NEW Outdoor, leisure & sports !"# HUNTSMAN !"#$%$&&%' W Jackknife HUNTSMAN: wide stainless steel blade, wooden decorations on handle, with belt clip, in a wooden case | Packing: 10/40pcs. | Size: 15,5x 7,2x3,4cm | Material: Wood / Stainless Steel | Branding: l 20x5mm L1+H4 (1) ALL TOGETHER W 11-piece pocket knife ALL TOGETHER with pair of scissors, knife, 1 large and 1 small saw, can opener, bottle opener, corkscrew, nail file, pricker, hole maker, and screwdriver, packed in a gift box | Packing: 25/100pcs. | Size: 10,5x3x2,5cm | Material: Stainless Steel | Branding: l 30x 10mm L1+H4 (1) 56-0301130 blue 56-0301132 silver 56-0301156 black 56-0301131 orange 56-0301133 green STRONG HELPER 12-piece pocket knife STRONG HELPER: with knife, saw, scissors, can opener, cork screw, bottle opener and slotted screwdriver, cross-head screwdriver, punch and reamer, sewing awl, scaler, nail file, and carabiner | Packing: 25/100pcs. | Size: 9,5x3,5x 1,5cm | Material: Aluminium / Stainless Steel | Branding: l 25x8mm L1+H2 (1) 56-0301140 black 56-0301142 blue 56-0301143 red 56-0301141 silver