Christmas Special 2022

NEW Outdoor, leisure & sports !"! SUMMER EVENING !." !"#$"$%$&' Foldable barbecue SUMMER EVENING 2.0: 2cooking grates, 2 integrated carrying handles, air flow holes on the sides, foldable, in a gift box | Packing: 6pcs. | Size: 46x42x3,5/ 46,5x30x30cm | Material: Stainless Steel / Steel | Branding: n 20x40mm E1+H10(10) COOKOUT W Kettle barbecue COOKOUT: metal body with 2vent windows, removable tray with air holes for coal, 1 removable grill rack Ø approx. 29cm, lid with vent window and wooden handle, 3buckles to close the lid on metal body, 3metal feet with plastic caps, packed in a gift box | Packing: 4pcs. | Size: Ø31,5x43cm | Material: Wood / Carbon Steel | Branding: l 5cm" L1+H10(1) 56-0604054 light green 56-0604056 blue 56-0604045 black 56-0604055 red