Christmas Special 2022

Sounds of the most beautiful time !"# RELOADED !"#$$%&'(& Wireless charging station RELOADED: wireless charging of the device by touching it to the contact surface (the device has to be equipped for inductive charging), USB cable with Micro-USB connector (length approx. 80cm), ring glows blue during charging process and green once complete, input power: 2A/5V, output power: 1A/5V, with temperature control and foreign body detection, 4 feet on the lower side | Packing: 25/100pcs. | Size: Ø9,8x 1 cm | Material: Plastic | Branding: § 6cm" DP1+H4 (10) SINUO D Optical mouse SINUO, wireless: with 2buttons and scroll wheel, USB dongle attached to bottom side with magnet, resolution: 800/ 1.600dpi, range: up to 10m, Plug + Play (no software needed) | Packing: 20/100pcs. | Size: 11,4x5,7 x3,3cm | Material: Plastic | Battery: AAA/LR03/AM4 | Branding: t 20x20mm K1+H4 (1) foldable 58-1102610 black 58-1102630 white PERFECT ILLUMINATION !"#$$%&*"+ Webcam ring light PERFECT ILLUMINATION: with 28LEDs, 3brightness levels, with clip to attach to monitor or smartphone, powered via USB cable (length approx. 20cm), versatile in use due to integrated battery with 80mAh, also suitable for video conferences and remote work | Packing: 25/200pcs. | Size: Ø8,5x3,6cm | Material: Plastic / PP | Branding: t 40x 15mm K1+H4 (1) 3 light modes