Christmas Special 2022

Sounds of the most beautiful time !"# MAG POWER !"#$$%&'&( Charging cable MAG POWER: for charging of electronic devices, incl. 3adapters (USB Type-C, Micro-USB, and Lightning), length approx. 100cm, the adapter is plugged into the device that needs to be charged and remains there, while the connection to the cable is established magnetically | Packing: 100/200pcs. | Size: 100cm | Material: Metal / Polyester | Branding: n 40x20mm E1+H2 (10) Magnetic DATA SHIELD Data transfer blocker DATA SHIELD: USB Type A to USB Type A, to block data transfer while using a USB port for charging, to prevent the spreading of viruses or data theft | Packing: 100/1000pcs. | Size: 4,1 x2,6x 1 cm | Material: Plastic / Metal | Branding: t 20x 15mm K1+H2 (4) 56-1107289 white 56-1107290 black ANNOUNCER !"#$$%&'"! Charging cable ANNOUNCER: with 3charging connectors to charge electronic devices and smartphones, length approx. 50cm, with key ring, LED power indicator changes colour from red to blue once the charging process is either almost finished or the charging power is below 0,3A | Packing: 100/500pcs. | Size: 50x3,1 x0,8cm | Material: Plastic / Polyester / Metal | Branding: t 20x20mm K1+H2 (4)