Christmas Special 2022

O! ice in top shape !"# MANZONI !"#$$%$"!$ W Pen set MANZONI consists of a ballpoint pen and fountain pen (with black refill) packed in an elegant gift box with aluminium plate | Packing: 25/50pcs. | Size: 18x6,5x4cm | Material: Brass | Branding: l 5cm# L1+H2 (1) Ballpoint pen & fountain pen NEVER FORGET Memo cube NEVER FORGET: plastic box with large opening and 900white, wood-free sheets (80g/m#) – Made in Europe | Packing: 30pcs. | Size: 9x9x9cm | Material: Plastic / Paper | Branding: t 50x30mm K1+H5 (1) Made in Europe 56-1103316 transparent 56-1103319 red 56-1103317 white 56-1103320 yellow 56-1103318 blue SIGNATURE !"#$$%$"'" W Metal ballpoint pen SIGNATURE: with twist mechanism, matt surface, shiny clip and central ring, with chrome base for brilliant engraving, blue ink, supplied in gift box with viewing window | Packing: 50/200pcs. | Size: 13,4cm | Material: Brass | Branding: l 30x5mm L1+H2 (1)