Christmas Special 2022

s t l Here comes Christmas !!" TESTED AND CERTIFIED Promotional items are subject to strict European regulations. All products shown in this catalogue have been put through their paces. Consistent controls and constant improvements form the basis of product safety and guarantee the best possible quality. Certificates recognised all over Europe (RoHS, EN 71, etc.) will put your mind at ease. The DEKRA seal stands for security that you can trust. Feel free to ask us about desired certificates. TESTED AND CERTIFIED PRINTING SERVICE SILKSCREEN PRINT/ TEXTILE PRINTING For silkscreen print, a screen is made impermeable in areas not to be printed through a photochemical process. The promotional item is placed under the screen and printed on the areas where the screen is permeable. The colour is pushed through the holes and applied to the product. When using coloured logos, it is recommended to add a white base coat to ensure brilliant colours. This method is ideal for flat surfaces, such as textiles or segments of umbrellas. TAMPON PRINT A template of the logo is made and filled with the desired colour of ink. Then the colour is transferred directly onto the article with a silicone pad. As this pad is made of flexible silicone, almost all surfaces can be printed – including uneven surfaces. LASER ENGRAVING A method using a laser beam to engrave a logo into nearly any material. A computer-controlled process ensures a pinpoint reproduction. The final result always depends on the material surface. A colour replica is not possible.