Christmas Special 2022

The greatest for the smallest !!" COLOURFUL BOOK !"#$!$%&&' Colouring set COLOURFUL BOOK: incl. 10colouring sheets with various designs to colour in, 40blank sheets, 12sharpened colouring pencils, in gift box with window | Packing: 20/40pcs. | Size: 21 x 15x2cm | Material: Wood / Paper | Branding: t 70x25mm K1+H2 (1) KUBB !"#$!$&$!) Viking throwing game KUBB made of FSC certified wood: 1 king, 4corner posts, 10wooden blocks and 6 throwing sticks, incl. organic cotton bag, skill game for 2-12players | Packing: 6pcs. | Size: 27 x20,5x9,5cm | Material: Wood | Branding: s 180x200mm S9+H4 (6) made of FSC certified wood COLOURFUL LEVEL !"#$!$%&$! Colouring set COLOURFUL LEVEL to try out various colouring techniques in many colours: consists of 12water colours incl. paintbrush, 12crayons and 1 eraser, 12colouring pencils (sharpened) incl. sharpener, 3-level fold-out cardboard box | Packing: 20pcs. | Size: Ø18x9x 7cm | Material: Paper / Wax / Wood | Branding: t 70x20mm K1+H2 (1)