Promotion Tops 2023

UMBRELLAS & PARASOLS 56-0101160 dark blue 56-0101161 sky blue 56-0101162 salmon COVER j Automatic pocket umbrella COVER with a 3-piece metal shaft, ribs and tips, rubber-coated grooved handle and a polyester pongee canopy with pouch, closure with Velcro | Packing: 12/60pcs. | Size: Ø96cm | Material: Metal / Polyester | Branding: u 80x80mm T1+H5 (10) 56-0101163 pink 56-0101164 lavender 56-0101165 black 56-0101166 white 56-0101150 navy blue 56-0101151 black MISTER &|k Automatic windproof pocket umbrella for men MISTER with a 2-piece metal shaft, ribs, tips, plastic handle, and a polyester pongee canopy, closure with Velcro | Packing: 12/36pcs. | Size: Ø 95cm | Material: Metal / Polyester | Branding: s 230/170x 140mm S1+H5 (6)