Promotion Tops 2023

TRAVEL & BAGS 56-0402701 blue 56-0402702 dark red 56-0402707 grey COMFORTABLE Inflatable travel pillow COMFORTABLE with a pouch | Packing: 25/100pcs. | Size: 35x23x9cm | Material: PVC, Phthalate free | Branding: u 80x80mm T1+H2 (10) 56-0607001 grey 56-0607000 navy blue TURN OVER Bolster TURN OVER: versatile – can be transformed into a travel neck pillow by opening the zip, filled with plastic beads for optimal shape, closure with snap fastener – ideal travel pillow, head, neck, and back support | Packing: 10pcs. | Size: 36x31 / Ø16x35cm | Material: Polyester | Branding: u 80x55mm T1+H6 (10) TRAVEL ASSISTANT Travel kit TRAVEL ASSISTANT, 4pieces: sleeping mask with nose pad and stretch-fit headband, inflatable neck pillow with velvety surface, 1 pair of ear plugs, pouch with drawstring closure and side pocket | Packing: 100pcs. | Size: 19x 14,5cm | Material: Polyester / PVC / PU | Branding: u 80x80mm T1+H2 (10)