Promotion Tops 2023

t40 x 10mm K1+H2 (4) b e $ § u SERVICE, QUALITY & SAFETY EMBROIDERY A digitally controlled process in which a computer steers a needle and thread to embroider a surface. As many as 10 colours can be used in one embroidery procedure. This robust form of refinement can be used on all textiles. The logo must be provided in order to determine the number of stitches and perform an accurate cost calculation. ° ENGRAVING Engraving 2.0: the 360° engraving o ers limitless possibilities. Thanks to a rotating device the advertising message can be engraved in a radius of 360° on the product. It will be an all-around eyecatcher! This method is particularly suitable for round, cylindrical, or conical products like travel mugs. TRANSFER PRINT A heat press, consisting of a heating plate and base plate, is used to apply the logo / picture / text, pre-printed on thermal paper, onto the item. Beforehand, the thermal paper was imprinted through silkscreen or direct print. LEAVE AN IMPRESSION. Your logo or slogan sends a message and individualises your advertising medium. There are many ways to advertise your name. Below each product description you can see what type of finishing and which size is best for your advertising medium. The prices shown for printing are prices for a one colour imprint on one position (incl. handling) in our recommended printing technique and size. Set-up costs have to be added. The indicated prices are approximate and depend on the quantity ordered. For additional and bigger print options, please do not hesitate to contact us. DOMING The doming sticker is made of synthetic resin and a sticker with the company logo. The clear resin is fitted precisely to the logo print, protects the print, and gives the logo a 3D e ect. The convex sticker is perfect for advertising on rough or hard materials, such as an umbrella handle. DIGITAL TRANSFER Digital transfer works in two steps. First, a special thermo paper is imprinted digitally (see passage „direct print“) and cut to size. In a second step, the logo / picture / text is then printed onto the product under pressure in a heat press. DIRECT PRINT Using digital print, you receive long lasting, vibrant colours. Items of many di erent materials and sizes can be branded individually. The big advantage: Apart from the handling charges, the printing cost merely depends on the size of your logo, independent of the number of colours. Print Info: Branding: printing technique and printing size print code (max. colours)