Promotion Tops 2023

TRAVEL & BAGS 56-0819600 grey 56-0819603 light blue 56-0819601 dark blue 56-0819602 red FUN Backpack FUN: with vertical zip front pocket, 1 spacious zippered main compartment with 1 pocket inside, bottom area and zip pulls in artificial leather, carrying handle, padded shoulder strap and back area | Packing: 25pcs. | Size: approx. 29,5x 14,5x45cm | Material: 600D Polyester | Branding: u 80x80mm T1+H2 (10) 56-0808563 grey 56-0808566 light blue 56-0808564 dark blue 56-0808565 red FUN GYM Sports bag FUN GYM: front pocket with vertical zip, spacious main compartment, 2comfortable carrying handles, adjustable padded shoulder strap – interesting artificial leather applications | Packing: 20pcs. | Size: approx. 50x23,5x31 cm | Material: 600D Polyester | Branding: u 80x80mm T1+H2 (10)