Promotion Tops 2023

SERVICE, QUALITY & SAFETY SUSTAINABILITY IN THE PROMOTIONAL PRODUCTS INDUSTRY Sustainability is an increasingly important term. Like any other industry, the promotional products industry must undergo an environmentallyconscious transformation as early as possible to meet the challenges of today and tomorrow and lead by example. Investing resources in a responsible management is not only important but inevitable. Here, it is vital to view the challenges holistically and to always keep a 360-degree view on necessary measures serving sustainability. The topics are many and they are versatile. Environmentalism, climate protection, human rights, ethics, sustainable consignment – the list is justifiably long and should take on an important place in everyone’s dayto-day work. And although every step is an important one, it is above all collective e orts that lead to the so important success. This is exactly why it is essential for everyone to join forces and recognise the great opportunities of these crucial changes. In the promotional products industry, sustainable materials as well as all-encompassing environmentally-conscious and fair practices must manage to set new trends that take a firm place in the world of promotional products and not only accompany the industry in the short term but above all shape it significantly. We actively take on this responsibility. SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY