Promotion Tops 2023

NEW TRAVEL & BAGS 56-0820710 red 56-0820711 grey CABERNET Felt bottle bag CABERNET with 2handles, suitable for a 1 litre bottle | Packing: 100pcs. | Size: approx. 29,5x 10,5x 10,5cm | Material: Polyester | Branding: u 70x80mm T1+H1 (10) For 2 bottles CHABLIS Felt bottle bag CHABLIS: with 2carrying holes, suitable for 2bottles of up to 1 L each, with loose felt divider | Packing: 50pcs. | Size: approx. 23x 10x40cm | Material: Polyester | Branding: u 80x80mm T1+H2 (10)