Promotion Tops 2023

OFFICE GENTLE Notefolio GENTLE: with writing pad, ruled, approx. 50pages, with elastic loop for a pen, handy faux leather binding with white decorative stitching | Packing: 50/100pcs. | Size: 13,9x8,9x 1,8cm | Material: PU / Polyester | Branding: t 70x25mm K1+H2 (1) 56-1103183 black 56-1103184 blue 56-1103185 red A4 GENTLE A Y Portfolio GENTLE in DIN A4 format, zip around the outside, slip-in pockets on the inside, 1 transparent slip-in pocket, inner pocket with zip, calculator, writing pad, pen holder for 1writing utensil and 1 slip-in pocket on the outside | Packing: 15pcs. | Size: 34,5x26x3cm | Material: PU / PVC | Branding: s 120x 120mm S2+H2+V1 (1)