Promotion Tops 2023

WRITING UTENSILS CARBONIUM W Metal ballpoint pen CARBONIUM: with twist mechanism, real carbon finish, blue ink, delivered in case | Packing: 50/200pcs. | Size: 16x3x3/ 13,7 x 1 cm | Material: Brass | Branding: l 40x6mm L1+H2 (1) Decorated with CRYSTALLIZED™ Swarovski Element ROCK W Metal ballpoint pen ROCK: with twist mechanism, decorated with precious CRYSTALLIZED™ Swarovski Element on the clip, blue ink, delivered in case | Packing: 10/50pcs. | Size: 18,5x 7,8x3,3/ 13x 1,3cm | Material: Brass | Branding: l 35x6mm L1+H4 (1) ADORNO W Metal ballpoint pen ADORNO: with twist mechanism, body with striped design, blue ink, delivered in matching striped box | Packing: 10/100pcs. | Size: 17 x6x2,3/ 13,8x 1,9cm | Material: Brass | Branding: l 45x6mm L1+H2 (1)