Promotion Tops 2023

WRITING UTENSILS 56-1102020 blue 56-1102023 orange 56-1102026 gold yellow 56-1102021 red 56-1102024 black 56-1102022 green 56-1102025 bordeaux With touchscreen tip SWAY TOUCH Ballpoint pen SWAY TOUCH with waisted shank form, twist mechanism, rubber-coated grip area and touchscreen point at the end, blue ink | Packing: 50/500pcs. | Size: 13,5cm | Material: Plastic / Steel | Branding: § 35x6mm DP1+H2 (10) 56-1102027 pink 56-1102028 white 56-1102029 silver With laser pointer PRESENTATION Powerbank POWER UP – the perfect power supply on the go: suitable for smartphone, iPhone®, and USB devices, USB charging cable with Micro-USB connector (length: approx. 29cm), powerful rechargeable lithium battery, capacity: 2.600mAh, input power: 5V/1A, output power: 5V/1A | Packing: 50/100pcs. | Size: 14x 1,2x 1,2cm | Material: Plastic | Battery: AAA/LR03/AM4 | Branding: t 60x 10mm K1+H4 (4)