Promotion Tops 2023

NEW WRITING UTENSILS With touchscreen tip TOUCH BAMBOO Ballpoint pen TOUCH BAMBOO: with press mechanism, large refill, elegant bamboo shaft, touchscreen tip, blue ink | Packing: 50/1000pcs. | Size: 13,7cm | Material: Bamboo / Metal | Branding: t 30x5mm K1+H2+V1 (4) With touchscreen tip DOUBLE BAMBOO Writing set DOUBLE BAMBOO: consists of ballpoint pen with press mechanism and touchscreen tip (blue ink) as well as mechanical pencil, both writing instruments with elegant bamboo shaft, supplied in paper box with bamboo design | Packing: 25/200pcs. | Size: Ø1,2x 14cm | Material: Bamboo / Metal | Branding: t 70x8mm K1+H2 (4) 56-1102177 black 56-1102180 green 56-1102178 blue 56-1102181 orange 56-1102179 red With touchscreen tip TOUCHY Ballpoint pen TOUCHY: outside covered in bamboo, press mechanism, coloured touchscreen tip to operate smartphones and tablets, blue ink | Packing: 50/500pcs. | Size: 14cm | Material: Bamboo / Metal | Branding: l 80x5mm L4+H2 (1)