Promotion Tops 2023

ELECTRONICS & CLOCKS 56-0406233 white 56-0406235 blue 56-0406238 green 56-0406234 black 56-0406236 red 56-0406237 orange MUSIC In-ear headphones MUSIC: 3,5mm jack plug, cable length approx. 117cm, in colourmatching storage box | Packing: 100/500pcs. | Size: Ø5,4x2,1 cm | Material: Plastic | Branding: § 6cm DP1+H2+V1 (10) 56-0406260 white 56-0406263 red 56-0406262 blue 56-0406261 black With microphone LISTEN & TALK In-ear headphone LISTEN & TALK: with integrated microphone and button for taking calls, 3,5mm phone jack, wire length approx. 120cm, in a plastic case with matching coloured cap and aluminium snap hook | Packing: 50/300pcs. | Size: Ø2,7 x 11,3/ 130cm | Material: Plastic / Silicone / Aluminium | Branding: t 70x 13mm K1+H2 (4) 56-0406218 white 56-0406219 black FRESH SOUND Wireless in-ear headphones FRESH SOUND: hands-free speakerphone with key to accept and end calls, volume control, incl. USB charging cable with Micro-USB connector (length approx. 67cm), rechargeable battery, capacity: approx. 70mAh, storage in colour-matching case with zip, incl. mesh pocket for the charging cable | Packing: 100/200pcs. | Size: Ø8,5/ 66,5cm | Material: Plastic / Aluminium / Silicone | Branding: t Ø45mm K1+H2 (1) 56-0406287 black 56-0406286 white With hands-free function SPORTY Wireless in-ear headphones SPORTY incl. hands-free feature, range: approx. 10m, controller with button for accepting and ending calls, volume control and next/previous track button, incl. Micro-USB charging cable (length: approx. 20cm), high-performance rechargeable polymer battery, capacity: 3.7V / 80mAh, output: 2x2mW, stored in colour-matching case with zipper, incl. mesh pocket for charging cable | Packing: 25/150pcs. | Size: Ø9,8/ 76,5cm | Material: Plastic / Silicone | Branding: t Ø45mm K1+H2 (1)