Promotion Tops 2023

ELECTRONICS & CLOCKS 7 di erent colours FIREFLY Wireless speaker FIREFLY: coloured light during playback, 7di erent colours selectable (red, green, blue, purple, yellow, turquoise, and white), music output: 3watt, to be paired with wireless enabled devices, range: approx. 10m, incl. Micro-USB charging cable (approx. 30cm), rechargeable battery capacity: 400mAh, runtime approx. 4-6h, power switch located on bottom surface | Packing: 25/50pcs. | Size: Ø5,6x8,7-22,2cm | Material: Plastic / Silicone | Branding: t 25x 15mm K2+H2 (1) BONFIRE Wireless speaker BONFIRE: music output: 3watt, to be paired with mobile phone, wireless MP3player, tablet, etc., with TR card reader, Micro-USB cable (length approx. 60cm), powerful rechargeable battery, capacity: 1.500mAh, 48LED create mood lighting that resembles fire | Packing: 15/30pcs. | Size: Ø9,5x 16,5cm | Material: Plastic | Branding: t 25x 10mm K1+H4 (4)