Promotion Tops 2023

NEW ELECTRONICS & CLOCKS 56-0406212 blue 56-0406213 red CUBOID Wireless speaker CUBOID, music output: 3watt, to be paired with mobile phone, wireless MP3-player, tablet, etc., can be connected to external devices through 3,5mm line-in audio jack (cable length: approx. 50cm), slot for microSD card, plays MP3s, with FM radio function and hands-free function, max. range: approx. 10m, powerful battery, capacity: 300mAh, incl. USB charging cable with Micro-USB plug (length: approx. 50cm), runtime: approx. 1 h, control keys on top, on/o switch on the back side, non-slip feet and coloured rubber casing | Packing: 25/50pcs. | Size: 10,8x3,6x5,4cm | Material: Plastic | Branding: l 30x 15mm L4+H4 (1) BAMBOO SOUND Wireless speaker BAMBOO SOUND: outside covered in bamboo, music output 3watt, approx. 10m range, to be paired with mobile phone, wireless MP3player, tablet, etc., incl. charging cable (cable length approx. 50cm, USB Type C), slot for microSD cards, hands-free function, input power: 5V/0,5A, integrated rechargeable battery with 300mAh, non-slip base | Packing: 40/80pcs. | Size: Ø7,3x4,2cm | Material: Plastic / Metal / Bamboo | Branding: t 25x 15mm K1+H4 (4)