Promotion Tops 2023

POWERBANKS & GADGETS ROAD TRIP USB adapter ROAD TRIP with 12and 24Volt connection for the cigarette lighter, 5V output, 1.000mA, to charge current smartphones, digital cameras and MP3players, packed in a gift box | Packing: 50/400pcs. | Size: Ø2,4cm | Material: Plastic / Steel | Branding: t 20x8mm K1+H3+V2 (4) 56-1107260 white 56-1107263 red 56-1107261 black 56-1107264 green 56-1107262 blue DRIVE USB charger DRIVE for the car: adapter with 2USB ports for simultaneous power supply – ideal to charge smartphone, tablet, digital camera, navigation system, etc., input power 12and 24Volt car cigarette lighter, output power: 5V/ 2,1A for single device use, 2x 1A for two devices, with blue LED operation indicator | Packing: 100/500pcs. | Size: 8x2,7 x3,7cm | Material: Plastic / Steel | Branding: t 25x 10mm K1+H2+V1 (4) 56-1107289 white 56-1107290 black DATA SHIELD Data transfer blocker DATA SHIELD: USB Type A to USB Type A, to block data transfer while using a USB port for charging, to prevent the spreading of viruses or data theft | Packing: 100/1000pcs. | Size: 4,1 x2,6x 1 cm | Material: Plastic / Metal | Branding: t 20x 15mm K1+H2 (4) LONG DISTANCE Charging cable LONG DISTANCE: to charge electronic devices, incl. 3connectors (length: approx. 124cm): USB Type-C, Micro-USB, and 5-pin Lightning | Packing: 100/200pcs. | Size: 124cm | Material: Metal / Plastic / Polyester | Branding: l 25x 10mm L1+H2 (1)