Promotion Tops 2023

POWERBANKS & GADGETS With 3 lenses SPECIAL EFFECT Smartphone lens SPECIAL EFFECT for extraordinary pictures: set includes 3 lenses, (fish-eye for 180° shots, macro for close-up shots, and wide-angle) – 2 lens wide-angle/macro combination can be separated to use first lens as macro – padded holding clip with screw thread for lenses, each lens incl. protective cap, storage bag with drawstring | Packing: 50/100pcs. | Material: Aluminium / Glass | Branding: u 50x50mm T1+H4 (10) HANGING TOUGH Felt charging pouch HANGING TOUGH: ideal for charging smartphone, iPhone®, and digital camera – slip-in pocket for phone and small pocket for battery or accessories, power plug with charging cable can be inserted through top opening – charging station for a tidy and safe storage of mobile device and cable during charging process | Packing: 200pcs. | Size: 25x9,3x0,7cm | Material: Polyester | Branding: u 60x30mm T1+H2 (10) For 360° movies IMAGINATION Virtual-Reality glasses IMAGINATION: to watch 360°-videos and 3D-movies or games (install compatible Cardboard app beforehand), suitable for smartphones with 4,7 - 6 inch screen diagonal (16,8x 7,8cm), pull-out rail to mount the smartphone, with EVA adhesive strip for secure fastening of the smartphone in the rail, lenses can be regulated for vision correction and adjusted for interocular distance, eye cushion for optimal wear comfort, elastic and size-adjustable head straps for perfect fit, including microfibre cleaning cloth | Packing: 5/15pcs. | Size: 12,8x 19,3x 10,3cm | Material: Plastic / Acrylic | Branding: t 60x 15mm K2+H7 (1)