Promotion Tops 2023

POWERBANKS & GADGETS TERAWATT Powerbank TERAWATT – the perfect power supply on the go: suitable for smartphones, iPhones®, and USB devices, incl. USB cable with several connectors (length: approx. 31 cm), with touch function and blue LED charge level indicator, input power: 5V/1A, output: 1. port - 5V/1A, 2. port - 5V/2A, capacity: 10.000mAh, high performance lithium-ion battery, polished metal surface on the back side | Packing: 10/40pcs. | Size: 13x8,2x 1,4cm | Material: Plastic / Steel | Branding: § 6cm DP1+H4 (10) 20.000 mAh STORAGE Powerbank STORAGE – the perfect power supply on the go: suitable for current smartphones and USB devices, charge level indicator at the push of a button, USB cable with USB TYP C connector (length: approx. 30cm), two USB ports, input power: 5V/2A, output power: 5V/2,1A and 5V/1A, capacity: 20.000mAh, powerful rechargeable battery | Packing: 25/50pcs. | Size: 16x8x2,3cm | Material: Plastic | Branding: § 6cm DP1+H4 (10)