Promotion Tops 2023

UMBRELLAS & PARASOLS 56-0106000 white 56-0106002 red 56-0106004 light green 56-0106001 blue 56-0106003 yellow SUNFLOWER Beach umbrella and parasol SUNFLOWER with 2-piece metal shaft, metal ribs, plastic tips, polyester covering, packed in clear PVC carrying bag | Packing: 12pcs. | Size: Ø145cm | Material: Metal / Polyester | Branding: s 350/200x250mm S1+H2 (6) Easy set-up thanks to ground spike UV 30+ BEACHCLUB Beach umbrella and parasol BEACHCLUB: 2-piece metal shaft with swivel joint to adjust the angle of inclination according to the position of the sun, metal ribs, plastic tips and top, shaft with integrated holder/spiral made of plastic, fold-out grips for easy twisting of the spiral-shaped ground spike, polyester canopy with vent system and UV-protection coating, polyester carrying bag with shoulder strap in matching colour | Packing: 12pcs. | Size: Ø156cm | Material: Metal / Polyester | Branding: s 350/200x250mm S1+H8 (6)